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Hisham El Sherbiny is an Inspirational speaker, IT & Fitness Entrepreneur, youth speaker and creative guru who has helped transform the lives of thousands of people through his passionate, approachable and fun packed personality.


Travelled between 42 Countries, a former Purser of Emirates Airlines, Hisham enjoyed popping around the globe to hundreds of cities for over 11 years in which he was touched by and interacted with hundreds of thousands of people. This has ultimately enriched his interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with every culture, ethnicity, nationality and background which inspired him to take a leap of faith towards his passion for helping people reach their full potential in wellbeing, health and business.


Having a knack for Information technology, Hisham designed and founded the first UAE based web-portal supported by UAE-DIC/DKV for sports and activities that connects matches audience with instructors. went on to be nominated twice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Health Awards and Dubai SeedStars for [Startups Finals]. He also launched "AddLife", an augmented reality agency that creates multi-sense interaction for in-depth product marketing.


Born and raised in Kuwait, Egypt, Germany and now based in the UAE; it is no doubt that Hisham is the motivational speaker and host of choice through universities, TEDx Talks, TV show host, radio talk shows and other mediums such as his own YouTube channel in both Arabic and English as well as author of Tight Toned Tummy to promote fitness and wellbeing to youth.


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